Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Guest room closet organization

One of the final frontiers for organization in my own home is my guest room closet.  It's a catch-all spot to store girlie accessories (handbags, pashminas, scarves), as well as wrapping paper, our vacuum cleaner and other odds & sods.  The old hanging organizer (SKUBB from IKEA) wasn't adequate for the weight and volume of items I needed to store.

I found a used an IKEA KALLAX (1 x 5) shelving unit on Craigslist for $45.  I bought some inexpensive canvas baskets new from IKEA to go with the unit, along with a dual drawer insert accessory designed to fit inside one of the KALLAX cubes.  From inside the closet itself, I removed the installed hanging rod, shelf, and shelf ledges.  I patched the holes, then painted the inside of the closet.  The hanging rod and shelf were cut to fit between the wall and the shelf unit.  I installed an IKEA TJUSIG hook bar for added storage, but it also doubles as the shelf ledge on the wall side.  Total cost: $100


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