Monday, August 19, 2013

Organizing the tools in the garden shed

We are very limited with the amount of storage space in our house since we don't have a garage, so we need to make maximum usage of the space in our tiny little garden shed.  To date, many of our tools were stored in stacked rubbermaid bins.  I tried to find an off-the-rack shelf unit 2'x2'x5', but wasn't able to find exactly what I needed.  So we decided to make a custom shelf unit to fit exactly in our space, and to fit exactly the stuff we needed to store.  We used 2"x2" for the posts and 1" x 2" for the side bracing.  We bought 3/8" plywood for the shelves and had it cut at the hardware store to 24" squares for the shelves.  Then Rich notched out the corners of the plywood shelves to fit around the posts.  The total cost for the project was $50 and it took the two of us about 2 hours to build it.


Blog post by Heather Fulcher
Professional Organizer for Hire
Vancouver, BC, Canada

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