Monday, April 29, 2013

When should I hire a professional organizer?

When should I hire a professional organizer?
  • When time is money – with the help of a professional organizer, you can tackle the clutter in less time than you would spend on your own.
  • When you are chronically disorganized and it’s the last task on your list.
  • When disorganization is causing stress in your relationships or difficulty in your home life.
  • When you are physically limited in how much you can lift or move.
  • When the project is overwhelming, and you don’t know where to start.
  • When facing a deadline such as a move date.
  • When you just need HELP!

Common projects for professional organizers
In preparation for a move, many people take the opportunity to review and purge belongings.  This is a daunting task for many people, especially if the move date is fast approaching. A professional organizer can help you sort, purge, organize and pack-up your belongings in preparation for your move.

Settling back into a new space (or recently renovated space) is a wonderful opportunity to revisit organizational techniques.  A professional organizer can help design organizational system customized to your needs and specific to the parameters of your new space.

When it’s time to move to a smaller home or condo, a professional organizer can help scale down the amount of belongings appropriate for the new space.  Your organizer can also help distribute treasures to assigned beneficiaries (family/friends), or sell collectables and valuables.

Home staging
The way you live in your home is very different from the way you showcase your property for sale or rent. A professional organizer can help ensure your property is presented with the highest perceived value and to the largest possible audience.  An organized home suggests the property is well maintained and has sufficient storage.  It allows buyers to focus on the positive features of the property.

Clutter has magnetic qualities, a few things turn into a pile of things very quickly. A professional organizer can help you critically review your belongings and sort into categories: keep, gift it, sell, recycle, donate, garbage. Once sorted and purged, next comes organization techniques. Each client, project and space is unique; a professional organizer can help create storage and organization tools to solve any challenge.

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